Monday, August 14, 2006

Exclusive: MOBB DEEP Interview

I told ya’ll that I would have some things in store. Not too long ago, I got to kick it with the infamous Mobb Deep at a studio in Queens. I interviewed them so all their fans can stop wondering about what they’ve been up to. I found out about some new projects, old decisions and we enjoyed a quick game of First Thing. For all you Mobb Deep fans, I hope that you enjoy this interview and for people that are not familiar, get familiar. It’s the Infamous Mobb, M-O-B-B…

JahChink: So how you guys doing?

Mobb: We good. We good.

JC: So what are you guys working on?

Havoc: P working on a solo album and we’re also putting together the best of Mobb Deep. We’re going to put out all the songs that we had out in the past all on one album.

JC: A lot of songs from Murda Musik?

H: Like a couple of songs from all the albums we did.

JC: Are you going to come out with your solo album?

H: I was thinking about it but I’m more on production and just getting the production out there.

JC: Why did you decide to do a solo album?

Prodigy: The Bread.

JC: The bread? Everything is for money?

P: Hell yeah. (He laughs)

JC: Is there anything different about your solo album than when you two collaborate together?

P: Nah. It’s just me; you know what I’m saying. That’s the only difference.

JC: When is this album going to come out?

P: Soon. Real soon.

JC: So, how is G-Unit treating Mobb Deep?

Mobb: Good.

JC: Do you think this was the best career move for you two?

H: I say that it was one of the best career moves. We made a lot of moves in our career and this is definitely one of them up to date. I can definitely say that I made the right decision. Any move I make, I think it’s the right decision. I don’t have any regrets.

JC: Ok, I’m going to switch it up. I’m going to say a word and you guys tell me the first thing that pops into your head. Okay?

Mobb: Cool

JC: Murda Musik

H: Classic

P: Quiet Storm

JC: Juvenile Hell

P: Hold down the block

JC: Sidekick 3

H: Have it (They laugh)

JC: Nas

P: Jay-Z

JC: Tru Life

H: Tru Life, who?

JC: Movies

H: The Godfather

P: Black Out

JC: The Blues

H: Nat King Cole

JC: The studio

H: Everyday

JC: 50

P: Mobb Deep

H: Paper. Bread.

JC: Hip Hop

P: Run DMC. Even though they didn’t start it, they definitely made a mark.

JC: That’s true. Well, it was fun and I thank you both for allowing me to interview you. Good luck with your albums.

Mobb: No doubt.

Hope you enjoyed my interview.

Muah for your forehead...


Anonymous boston george said...

i used to have alotta respect for mobb deep yo. they sayin it was the best career move or whatever, but i wonder if the record sales reflect that? like how many more units did they move with the gorrilla-U as opposed to being on there own....

anyways, havoc is still ill and u can see his growth. thats why i still kinda fuck with the mobb. but "banana clip P", oh exscuse me "V.I.P?" i dont know there use to be a time when that nigga was gettin rated top 5 in hip hop discussions....but now? i aint feelin duke...c'mon P, keep it thoro!!

1:35 PM  
Blogger katiep said...

WHERE'S LLOYD BANKS! we want Lloyd Banks...

3:05 PM  

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