Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Can Obie Trice Really Have Anti-Violence Raps?

As we all know, Obie and the whole Shady camp has all been through a lot this past year with the loss of their crew member, Proof but Obie definitely had a double dose. On New Year's Eve, he got shot in the head. Til this day, the bullet is still in his skull. According to Jim Farber of the Daily News, Obie is going towards "anti-violence raps." His new CD, "Second Round's On Me," which drops today, is supposed to have some of these songs. But my question is, can Obie Trice really have raps prone to non-violence. I haven't heard his CD yet, but in reference to hs past CD's, I don't really see that happening. That's like Eminem having a whole baby making music CD. Don't really see that happening either. But, either way, Mr. Trice is a good lyricists and I guess I will have to hear it to believe it.
Muah for your forehead...


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