Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Everyone Has A Twin!

Yes, I already know what you're thinking. "Why is that girl hugging Ludacris?" Well, actually I am not hugging Ludacris, but I (yes, I am the writer of JahChink) am hugging LaJon. I had to show the world that everyone has a twin and LaJon is definitely Luda's twin. LaJon is one of Nina Sky's talented back-up dancers. I went to the Tmobile Samsung party yesterday in New York City and had to snap a flick with him. He was cool about it. I didn't even have to tell him who he looked like. So Luda, if you're ever thinking of doing a movie about your life, here is your star. Thanks LaJon for letting me post this.

Muah for your forehead...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luda cut his braids.....,what is this cat gonna do... cut his hear too? come on'. - joey

2:32 PM  

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