Friday, September 29, 2006

Women: Dolla Dolla Bill Ya'll$$$$

That's right ladies. Show those million dollar smiles. These women made the 2007 Guinness Book of Records for being very successful in the dollar sign area. It's about time that women are stepping up in the game of making dough. The only way that us women can continue to grow in the business world is if we stop knocking each other down. Instead of looking at what another female is doing wrong, we should acknowledge what she's doing right. Well here are a few of the stats:

Highest Paid Person on TV:
-Oprah Winfrey (of course, like you didn't know) with $225 million

Highest Paid Female Singer
-Madonna (she took Mother Britney's spot) with $50 million

Highest Salary Per Minute
-Nicole Kidman (you won't believe this) with $3.71 million four a four-minute commercial for Chanel No.5 (What the... And when I thought people have nothing better to do with their money than bid on a half eaten sandwhich Britney Spears ate on ebay.)

Highest Earned Salary For Children's Books
-J.K. Rowling (You know, Harry Potter books) with $64 million

So there you have the numbers and there are more in the book. Thank you for bringing this to my eyes attention. Women, let this be lesson that we can do it ourselves. Keep on trucking hard, you will make it.

Muah for your forehead...


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