Wednesday, August 16, 2006

EVE Ready To Come Back To The Rap Game

It's her first album in four years. Damn! It's been that long since, "Love Is Blind." According to the September issue of a supplement to W magazine, Eve says, "Don't look for the girl from the first three albums." I guess that can be true because in this album, she actually sings. "I've sung hooks but never a whole song with heart," says Eve. That should definitely be something to hear.
Another thing is that she says that she has been listening to more reggae and Brazilian music, so I'm guessing that these genres will influence her songs and beats. Along the ride for her new album is the skateboard P. The Louis Vuitton model, Pharell, produced "Give It to Me," that is set to be on her new album.
I'm actually looking forward to seeing Eve back on the music scene. Watched her show only once and still wondering how it stayed on air for so long. But, I've always loved her music. I'm also pondering what the other female lyricists are planning on doing when Eve starts to blow. Remy? Eve has a lot of reconvincing to do. Hopefully this new album will speak for itself...

Muah for your forehead...


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