Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Foxy Brown Is Famous For This Week.

"Fox Boogie Brown is bad as hell." Well, at least this week she is. Those hearing pills have her straight tripping. LOL. Yesterday, I spoke about her stealing belts and now she's trying to change her plea in court. Here's the story according to Newsday. On Monday, Foxy a.k.a Inga Marchand, pleaded guilty to roughing up those two nail salon techs. The plea she made guaranteed her less jail time and required her to be on 3 years of probation. Along with the probation, she would have to take anger management classes which she so desperately needs. Claiming that she was rushed into making her plea, Inga returned to the Court and tried to take away her plea bargain but the judge shut her down. The judge told her, "the plea stands." So, I guess Foxy left the Court room and kicked her attorney up the ass. LOL. Does anyone know if she has a new album coming out because this is way to much drama for one week without the attempt to promote. She just needs to get it together and take those classes. She's runing what little career she has left. Have a drink Foxy and chill out.

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Muah for your forehead...


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