Monday, August 28, 2006

Why Is Foxy Brown Stealing?

This Brooklyn Zoo native got her hearing back, but she hasn't changed her ways. Foxy Brown has once again made headlines. According to the New York Post, Foxy stole two $400 belts from a high end boutique in New York City. Tony, the owner of the L'impasse boutique, was pissed and had this to say. "I was going to just call her and tell her to get those f-ing belts back- but I guess I'm pressing charges." The court room regular ranted and raved at the high price of the gold rhinestone belt that she later left the store with, along with another belt. Come on Foxy, why are you in a store acting crazy about over priced items? I believe that her hearing surgery cost her a arm and a legs because rappers have no health insurance. Maybe she's broke. Tony also blamed her behavior on the drugs she might be on from her surgery. LOL. Let me find out that Foxy is overdosing on hearing drugs. Lmao. Well, I guess Foxy will be attending a hearing again (no punt intended) for these charges.

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Muah for your forehead...


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