Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jay Z Is Back On The Road On Tour But For A Cause

He's been seen on news channels all over the world making a touching announcement on the worldwide water crisis. He has joined forces with the United Nations and MTV to begin a world tour to help those in crisis and to build more awareness on the issue. The tour will last for seven weeks but this term is not definite because there could be more. Jay isn't doing this tour for the paper dough, but to make a change. Mr. Def Jam sincerely explains, "Well, I'm not just going to go over there and rap to them. I'm going to help and see what I can do in these areas." I take my hat off to Jay because regardless of what people will say his reason (tax write off) is, he's still doing something. He's using his tax write off for something that desperately needs that financial attention. The worldwide water crisis has existed for decades and he's finally bringing a lot of attention to it to raise more awareness that this is a serious issue. Celebrities have a huge voice and Jay's will always be heard because he is a mega mogul.
Jay kicks off his tour on Sept. 9 in Krakow, Poland.
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