Monday, August 21, 2006

Kevin Federline's First Performance And Other Stuff

For those of you who missed it yesterday, Surf Boards were given out at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards. After all the waiting, the moment of the night came and closed the show. Kevin Federline's first televised performance. His very pregnant wife, Britney Spears, introduced Kevin as "her man." I thought they were past that stage but whatever. Well, I have to say that his performance was ok. He performed his song, "Loose Control." His child dancers were very cute and could really dance. When Kevin tried to tackle the famous Busta Rhymes beat to "Touch It" it didn't really mesh well. If you rhyme over that beat, you have to be much more energetic and up to beat. To try and fill Busta's shoes with performances, it takes a lot. Lol. But he tried. Kevin's DJ definitely tried to outshine him. His DJ was extra loud and overbearing. You couldn't help but to keep an eye on his DJ. Kevin needs to find a hypeman and a quiet DJ. Overall, his performance was ok. Nothing to say oooh's and aaaah's about. His marketing team needs a raise because what better way to get sales than to do your first performance for a Teen Choice award show. All the horny teen girls will run home and beg their parents in advance to have his CD when it comes out. Good job team marketing. Lol.
Other stuff on the awards, I think that every other person in there had problems in some way or another. I think Teen Choice producers had security very tight. We had Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey and Ludacris and Chingy. It was just weird to hear there names called as special guests. The beautiful Rhianna performed her famous old song, "S.O.S," but I was hoping that she performed her new single, "We Ride." Her performance as well wasn't great. It was just blah. She also lip-synched and that didn't look so well. A real performer can sing and dance without the need to Ashlee Simpson. Lol. Nelly Furtado and Timbaland also performed their duet, "Promiscuous Girl." Their performance was ok. Nelly's voice sound great, but that was were it stopped. Timbaland looked like he gained a couple of pounds but it could've been those 10 extra pounds the tube gives everyone. Lol. The show was dry and the performances were ok, but I watched it for you guys. LOL.

Muah for your forehead...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The teen choice awards was a waste. I watched only because wanted to see K-Fed and how dare the Producers put him last, do you know what that meant? That I had to endure the whole Show. WTF... Double Boo for that Blasted Awards Show. Double Boo for the Hosts. Double Boo for the Performers. and Double Boo for me because I watched the whole damn thing.

10:32 AM  
Blogger JahChink said...

Lol... Your right anon. It was very unentertaining. I would have rather watched a repeat of Flava of Love. Lol

10:36 AM  

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