Thursday, August 17, 2006

He Came A Long Way

Do you know who this is? Yes, it is Jermaine Dupri. LOL. Who wouldv'e thought that this fragile looking boy would be the big president of Virgin Records. President Dupri has taken on another task and agreed "to be the musical director of the second edition of AmsterJam." For those of you that don't know about AmsterJam, it's a music festival of various different artists of different genres. This year, the line up is Busta Ryhmes, Foo Fighters, Tom Petty, Calderon, LL Cool J, and Yerba Buena. Dupri's job is to find a way to mesh these artists for a collaborated performance. "... figuring out how to fit LL and Calderon together is the toughest," says Dupri.
I'm pretty sure that Jermaine will find a creative way to figure that one out. The concert will be in New York City on August 19.
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Muah for your forehead...


Anonymous obadiah washington said...

JahChink, you are very evil,lol, i hope you wont do me like in a couple of months when i make it big

2:39 PM  
Blogger JahChink said...

If you have a picture like this circling around....

3:19 PM  

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