Monday, August 28, 2006

What The....!!!! Ne-Yo, What Are You Doing?

Ne-Yo is nasty. He's not as innocent as we all think. It's not all about "Sexy Love" with him. He's into nasty love. He's allegedly getting a professional from one of his back up dancers. This is not a good move. Maybe this is his own way of trying to clean up recent rumors about him being gay. If this is his reason for this, I think a statement would've been a much better way to address the issue. My eyes have been violated. Once again, I feel how I felt 4 years ago when my college friend brought the R.Kelly sex tape back to the dorm and we all watched it for the first time. After I seen the tape, I could never listen to a Kelly song without picturing him pissing on that little girl. Now, it's the same with Ne-Yo. Can't listen to "Sexy Love" the same way again. Thanks a lot Ne-Yo. I used to like that album...

Muah for.... I don't think it's appropriate to end it the same right now... Nastaaaay.


Anonymous Cougar Chick said...

Ne-Yo is fucking disgusting... Very tacky

1:37 PM  
Anonymous katiep said...

great and he's not wearing a hat... not only do we have a visual of his weird shaped head we got well you know....
ne-yo's nasty ass clearly needs to wear a hat on all heads!!

good thing i didnt see this before the show on sat... i already felt weird enough with chris browns young ass pelvic thrusing all over the place.

2:35 PM  
Anonymous katiep said...

oh and i forgot... what a trash whore!

2:39 PM  

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