Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Monica's Album Drops Today!!!! Go Get That!!!!

Miss Thang has definitely grown up. I remember when "Just One Of Those Days" came out, nobody couldn't tell me that I couldn't sing. What? I loved that song. As you can see, Monica has grown up into a great woman and mother. Her and Brandy set a huge example for R&B females. They took their rumored beef and made a lot of money off of it. "The Boy Is Mine" sold so many copies. They both won Grammy's for crying out loud. More artists need to learn how take the fame of having industry beef and making it into millions. That's how you make our music strong. Anyway, enough of the preaching. My girl Monica's album, "The Makings of Me" is dropping today and I suggest everyone go and support her. I will. I hope she does good numbers. So go get that. I'll keep you posted on how many she sold for her first week.

Muah for your forehead...


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