Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tax Fraud!!!! Again?

"There are 3 people I don't mess with. It's the I the R and the S". I guess Wesley Snipes didn't watch Set It Off because the IRS has issued a warrant for his arrest in regards to tax fraud charges. I don't really want to get all into the technological side of it all, but Wesley has been dipping out on his dues. They are accusing him and his two friends for stiffing the government of 12 million dollars. One of his friends has pleaded not guilty to the charges and turned himself in. Snipes' other buddy is said to be in Panama and I don't think that he will be coming back now that he knows the IRS is on his tail. Sexy dark chocolate is M.I.A and that doesn't mean that he's in Miami. He's no where to be found. They even say that he is no stranger to tax fraud and actually had his home foreclosed due to it in 2003. Don't people ever learn their lesson? I mean, here you have a multi-millionaire not paying taxes. When you're rich there are so many loops to go through in order to pay taxes but not get hit really big by Uncle Sam. I think that Wesley should fire his accountant. Wait, maybe he doesn't have one now that I think about it. LOL.
Muah for your forehead...


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