Monday, October 16, 2006

Money Can Either Make or Break You!!!!

Lol. I have to tell my mom to bury my baby pictures. LOL. As you can see, money can either work for you or fire you. I looked at these pics and said to myself, "Damn, they look so much better now" or "Damn, look how fucked up they look now with all that money they have." Let's do the run down real quick.

JLo: It's only obvious that money helped JLo. With those extra dollars she got that frizzy ass hair straightened, trimmed and dyed. She looks great now. She made her money work for her and her look. She brought sexy back when she wore that expensive Versace dress to that awards show. She looked like a million bucks... Money works hard for her.

Flava Flav: If he broke down and out, he wouldn't be able to afford those nasty ass looking gold toofies. I could honetly say that he was a decent looking kid in a Malcomn X movie kind of way. But money definitely put him out. He looks like a sideshow freak with his whole get up. Those chicks have to be desperate to kiss him on tv.

Lil Kim: I'm disaapointed at her. She went in the pen and came out looking like she just let herself go. I think she was stealing milk or something because she looks completely out of shape. She was a cute BK looking girl then money made her change her whole face. She was a better looking child before she had money.

Lil Jon: LOL. LMAO. Keep making money Lil Jon. I don't want to see you go back to your child hood look. LOL. Book worm baby. Awww... LOL.

Omarion: Definitely grew out of his Steve Urkel look. He's a sexy man now. Money is his kiss ass employee.

Thanks Silk for making me smile so early in the morning with these pics...

Muah for your forehead...


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