Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lloyd Banks Had A Listening Party Last Night!

Mr. Money Banks had his first listening party last night at the grown and sexy Nikki Beach lounge. That place is sexy as hell. Well, Lloyd teamed up with Bacardi Mojito and had a party. In the very beginning, the party was so boring. EWven with the free drinks, I was bored as all hell. The funny thing about this listening party was that I didn't hear any of Banks new music except for one song. LOL. They had a G-Unit fashion show which was pleasant. I must say that 50 is getting in touch with his feminine side because his women's line looked fairly decent. There were no big ol' "G-Unit" logo's all over the chick clothes. There was a sexy short set and cute winter jackets. There were topless models holding there breasts with Lloyd Banks and G-Unit art sprayed painted on their backs. They were modeling new jeans. The infamous Mobb and Yayo came out in their Gorilla gear walking the runway. Surprisingly, but not so much, Hot Rod was there also ripping the runway. He actually is nice looking. The questionable part of my night was when I seen Maino there. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't he have a diss record out now dissing people from the Unit. I'm not sure though. Can't recollect the actual lyrics. I'm sorry that I couldn't snap any pictures for this event but there were very strict rules that you had to abide by, so I left my camera home like it stated. But overall, the event was a blur with all the free Bacardi they were shoving down our throats. VIP was definitely popping (thanks Kev) and I had to make the night fun for me (Katie, you know what I mean. =) ) LOL. I can't tell you whether or not his album is worth getting, so use your own judgement today.

Muah for your forehead...


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