Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lloyd Says, "He's Not Sincere."

I never seen someone look so sexy in just a regular T-shirt and a fitted. Enough gloating and back to the story. =) Last week, G-Unit's number one on their Most Hated list, The Game, tried to squash the beef with 50 Cent while doing an on-air interview on Hot 97. He pleaded for Fif to call in and see if they can let go of their differences as "grown ups." Everyone knows that 50 had to be listening but there was no call from 50. Yesterday, Mr. Sexy Lips Banks was invited to Hot 97 to do an inteview with Funk Master Flex. Flex questioned Banks about Game's extended hand of peace. "Did 50 and Game squash the beef?" Banks clearly said "no." He said, "I personally don't like the dude. He's not sincere. I never liked the dude." He continued to say that The Game was wishy-washy because he continually changes his style. "First he has a tattoo of a butterfly on his face that was supposed to have so much meaning and then he tats the Dodgers over it." In Banks eyes, he doesn't see any reconciliation happening within himself and Game nor 50.

I will say this time and time again. Industry beef is wack. All of you have millions, so what's all the fuss about. None of you are living in the street, wondering if a bomb is going to hit your village, thinking about how you're going to feed your family tomorrow or if your newborn baby will survive through famine. Enjoy life while you can. It's twice as much energy to hate someone than to just smile at them. Get over yourselves already.


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