Monday, October 09, 2006

Jadakiss: Nothing To Smile About Now

This weekend (Oct. 7th), Jadakiss was arrested on weapon possession charges. Mr. Jason Phillips was in a vehicle with his entourage, when they were pulled over. The vehicle was then searched and to all the passenger's surprises, there was a gun under the seat. Oh my, they couldn't believe it. LOL. The Kiss of Death already has a record for gun charges where he made a plea agreement and was only charged a $900 fine. What i don't understand is if you know you have a gun in the car, why would you let the PoPo search it. You do have the right to say "no" when they ask you to search it. I guess it's the pressure at the moment and you just choke. I don't what causes such stupidity. Well, Jada and his friends will all be charged. Hopefully, the Judge will let him off as easy as the last time, but I doubt it.
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