Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Uh Ohhh! Uh Ohhh!

Honestlyyyyy! If I tell.... Tell you all.... Well, I will. Lumidee is coming back. She's trying to make sure that she is not known as the Best Summer One Hit Wonder of all history. I'm telling you, me and my friends listened to that song about 2 thousand times on our trip to Virgina for Black College Weekend. We had a blast blasting her song. Then we wondered, what ever happened to that girl that sang, "Uh ohhh"? I don't know what happened, but she's coming back with a new crew. She's has accepted a deal TVT Records, so I'm looking forward to hearing Lil Jon screaming on the back of his track. She's coming out with a new record called, Unexpected in 2007. They say March but I don't believe it the way the big pushes are lately. Cassie better make way. LOL.
Muah for your forehead...


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