Friday, October 20, 2006

Jermaine Says, "Peace" To Virgin

Jermaine Dupri isn't happy with the way Virgin Records marketed off his boo's, Janet Jackson, latest debut album and for this reason he has decided to call it quits. Mr. JD has been in and out of the news in regards to this situation. Compared to Janets other albums, her latest one, "20 Y.O." has done the worse in sales. Her first week didn't even make it to number one and that is not like Janet. JD is pissed off and is blaming the whole failure of her album on Virgin. It is said that he has walked out and has left his position. I think that Janet's album was poorly marketed but as a CEO of the label, don't you have some say in how it gets marketed. I mean, that is his girlfriend, so I imagine that he did have some say. Also, her video that features Khia and Jermaine is boring. Why would they have Khia stuck in a television set? People haven't seen her since "My Neck, My Back" and probably was wanting to see her and not just her head in the video. I was disappointed in that. But if anyone is looking for a job, apply for CEO at Virgin Records.
Muah for your forehead...


Anonymous Jennifer said...

Jermaine needs to blame the failure of 20YO on the fact that it's a terrible fucking album. And I LOVE Janet.

2:32 PM  
Blogger JahChink said...

In all honesty, do you think that Janet can REALLY sing?

11:07 AM  

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