Thursday, August 31, 2006

Diddy's Danity Top's OutKast On Charts!

I must say that this is very big for these girls. Sorry Maleeka that you couldn't be a part of it, stick to Blind Dates. Anyway, these beauts are "Show Stopping" over everyone on the Billboard charts. Yesterday the numbers poured in and Danity Kane pushed to number 1 by selling 234,000 copies. OutKast sold 196,000 copies of their "Idlewild" soundtrack. What does this tell you people about Hip Hop? Is Nas right about Hip Hop being dead? I can't talk bad about these girls album because I haven't heard it, but when OutKast released "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below," they sold over 500,000 copies the first week. That's a lot in numbers and dollar signs. I wonder how many copies did each of these girls buy themselves? LOL. The fact still remains that they are number 1 but are they here to stay? Will they end up under the Bad Boy office like Diddy's past "Making Da Band" groups? What happened to Dream and O-Town? They fell off the earth or something? If I were them, I would come out with a book spilling all the Bad Boy beans. Well, only time will tell if Danity Kane is a huge success because of the likeings of reality television. Congrats DK. Your parents must be proud and Aundrea's boyfreind must be crying. LOL.
Muah for your forehead...


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