Thursday, August 31, 2006

Eminem's New Kicks

These are the new Eminem kicks. If your wondering where you can buy these, keep wondering because you can only win them. These custom made Nike AirMax will only be auctioned off on Ebay. Mr. Mathers is trying to raise money for his Eminem’s Marshall Mathers Foundation. All the money from the auction will contribute to help troubled youth in Michigan. The first style is the Proof edition. It has his picture in the back. I personally think that the Proof edition should've been a much more stylish looking sneaker. If I seen that sneaker in the store, I wouldn't even look twice at it. Shame on you Nike. I'm not sure when the bids start but when I find out, I will let you know. RIP Proof.

Muah for your forehead...


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