Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Russell Simmons BlackBerry Held Hostage!

When you thought that desperate pleas for money couldn't get any worse, it does. A unidentified woman is claiming to have found rap mogul, Russell Simmons, BlackBerry phone. She told Heather Gilmore of the New York Post that she wants a reward in return for his phone and if she doesn't get one, she will release his personal text messages. How desperate are you lady? Seriously. It's not like she doesn't have money because she found it in during Fashion Week. I feel sorry for Russell because I could only imagine what kind of text messages he has going in and out of his phone. Especially with his new girlfriend and all. But who wants to read Russell talking dirty to his new mistress? Not me. But if I found his phone, I would take all the contacts that I could and then give it back. LOL. I mean, how much money does this loser chick plan on getting and I also wonder how much Russell would be willing to pay. Overall, this is desperation and just damn desperate.
Muah for your forehead...


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