Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Samsung Serene Mobile!!!!!

Samsung has changed the mobile phone design game. To learn more about this phone, click on the link below. It's a hot phone. Trust me.
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Just When You Think There's Hope...

I loved this couple together. I can't believe that Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe are calling it quits. Reese came on Oprah and had me believeing that their marriage was just all lovely and dandy but it all actuality, it wasn't. She really is a good actress. The couple has two children together and have been riding the marriage wave for 7 years. Well, I'm happy because that means Ryan is single again. My number is 516-(Mike Jones, lol) Just kidding.
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Flava Flav Is Having ANOTHER Baby!!!

That's right. Flava Flaaaav is really trying to have 10 kids. He's already on his 6th child with the 7th on the way. Yesterday, Flav was on BET's 106 & Park to discuss his new and corny album that drops today. During his interview, he revealed that some chick in Vegas is having his baby. What kind of ish is that? He said that he wanted to tell Delishis but the information got leaked through the internet first and the other girls from the show told her first. I wonder how she feels knowing that he kept that a secret from her. That whole show is suspect and it makes African American women look desperate and tasteless, but it's funny as all hell.
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Monday, October 23, 2006

Put It Where? Waaaay Back There!

Did you TV heads peep the Wendy Williams Experience show on VH-1 on Friday night? I did and I liked it to a certain degree. Being that I listen to the Experience religiously, the interviews that were filmed I have already heard. But there were funny parts like when Fonzworth Bentley couldn't pronounce her champagne. LOL. This episode she had Bentley, Ice-T and Coco, and Lionel Richie. She did a red carpet special where she asked Russell Simmons if he and Kimora were still slaying the sheets. That was so funny. Check it out for yourself this Friday. How you dooooing?

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Lil Wayne Makes It Rain!!!!!

Weezy makes it rain at Morgan State University and now he might be facing criminal charges. On October 13, Wayne performed at the State school's homecoming concert. While performing his latest hit, "Make It Rain" his "MC Hammer" entourage tossed out money into the crowd. Now, now, now... Who's dumb idea was this? Throwing money out to a bunch of broke, hungry and in debt college students is not a very smart thing to do. Well, the money hungry students scrambled on the floor to get these dollars and in the process, 3 women were injured and 1 fainted. Authorities are still thinking about whether or not, Weezy should be personally held responsible. For right now, Wayne and his camp is no longer welcomed at Morgan State. I don't really know how I feel about him facing criminal charges for this. Things that make you go Hmmmm.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Jermaine Says, "Peace" To Virgin

Jermaine Dupri isn't happy with the way Virgin Records marketed off his boo's, Janet Jackson, latest debut album and for this reason he has decided to call it quits. Mr. JD has been in and out of the news in regards to this situation. Compared to Janets other albums, her latest one, "20 Y.O." has done the worse in sales. Her first week didn't even make it to number one and that is not like Janet. JD is pissed off and is blaming the whole failure of her album on Virgin. It is said that he has walked out and has left his position. I think that Janet's album was poorly marketed but as a CEO of the label, don't you have some say in how it gets marketed. I mean, that is his girlfriend, so I imagine that he did have some say. Also, her video that features Khia and Jermaine is boring. Why would they have Khia stuck in a television set? People haven't seen her since "My Neck, My Back" and probably was wanting to see her and not just her head in the video. I was disappointed in that. But if anyone is looking for a job, apply for CEO at Virgin Records.
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Jay Z Video Stirs Up Trouble!

Yesterday, I posted a link to a video that shows Jay Z assaulting a woman. Yes, I knew that the video was old but I wanted to hear the opinions about it. Well, quite frankly the video has been in heavy rotation and has resurfaced controversy. For the record, that video is as old as this Jay Z pic above, but the person that posted the video claims that that was Jay Z smacking up chicks during his recent trip to Africa, which is not true. There are different sides to this video. Read Allhiphop.com to read the different sides to this story and believe what you want.
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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Must Watch This!!!!! Jay Z Smacking A Chick!!!!!!

If you click on the link below, you will see a actual video clip of Jay Z smacking a chick. This video is going around but it is not known if the clip is old or not. Rumors have it that this has taken place recently in Africa. I think that it's old because look at his chain. It's very small. And someone has on a old Roc-a-fella jacket in the background. I don't know, but I had to watch it like a million times because it's funny but not funny. It's crazy when you see a celebrity doing something like that. But it just shows that they are human like us. A bitch can get slapped.... Brooklyn Stand Up!!!!

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Oh Hellll To The Naw!!!!!

Nope, that is not Deelishis' daddy. In fact, that is her baby daddy, Jim Colmer. LMAO!!! Paparazzi went on a frenzy to find out who her baby daddy was when she revealed to New York that, "My baby daddy has money on top of money." Everyone wondered who father her cute little daughter. Well, here you have it. This poor old man is a businessman. VP of many corporations around the world. So, she was right when she said that he money on top of money. I must say that she has bad taste in men or good taste in money. And this an extension of my post earlier this week of Deelishis showing her ass. She's doing it again here. Showing her bubble ass. Flav picked the right one to be a role model for his 6 children. Riiitttteee!!!!!

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Go to talkofnewyork.com to find out what this is and what it does. It's Sony, so you know it's good. Also, I wrote it... =)
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Can't Win Against Rod Stewart

Sorry for being a little tardy on this one, but Mr. Money Banks has come in number 3 on the Billboard charts yesterday. "Rotten Apples" just couldn't stand up to to Rod Stewarts album, "Still The Same...". Rod has too many fans which are worldwide. He's an icon that's been around for years. Lloyd did good though in regards to his sales. He sold a whopping 143,000 copies of his sour apples. 100,000 was probably bought by his MC Hammer type entourage. G Unit is soooo deep. I'm proud of Banks though. Congrats.
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Jeffrey Wins Project Runway!!!

How will a former addict withstand a new world of more sex, drugs and rock n roll? Last night, I had a flat tire coming from the gym and I said, "Screw it! I'm going home to watch 'Project Runway'" I watched it knowing that my favorite Micheal Knight, wasn't going to win. Last night rude ass Jeffrey won. I hope that he uses his fame as a stepping stone for a new life for himself and his family. He has creative ideas and style, but some of his garments were "What the ..." pieces. The only thing that I'm worried about is him being plastered all over the front pages of papers like Kate Moss. During the show, Jeffrey revealed his past on drugs and his suicidal attempt. He actually did hang himself where a roommate found him and saved his life. He's been clean now for 5 years and I hope that he stays that way. I do wish him luck and I think that he will make the world look fabulous. I still think Micheal Knight will make the world look even better though. Love ya Micheal.

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Tax Fraud!!!! Again?

"There are 3 people I don't mess with. It's the I the R and the S". I guess Wesley Snipes didn't watch Set It Off because the IRS has issued a warrant for his arrest in regards to tax fraud charges. I don't really want to get all into the technological side of it all, but Wesley has been dipping out on his dues. They are accusing him and his two friends for stiffing the government of 12 million dollars. One of his friends has pleaded not guilty to the charges and turned himself in. Snipes' other buddy is said to be in Panama and I don't think that he will be coming back now that he knows the IRS is on his tail. Sexy dark chocolate is M.I.A and that doesn't mean that he's in Miami. He's no where to be found. They even say that he is no stranger to tax fraud and actually had his home foreclosed due to it in 2003. Don't people ever learn their lesson? I mean, here you have a multi-millionaire not paying taxes. When you're rich there are so many loops to go through in order to pay taxes but not get hit really big by Uncle Sam. I think that Wesley should fire his accountant. Wait, maybe he doesn't have one now that I think about it. LOL.
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Step Your Game Up!!!!

Remember those Billboard message belts? Well, throw out those and replace it with this. A LCD video player belt buckle.... Need I say more?
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Are You Going To Cop This?

Today, Diddy's album Press Play comes out. I don't know if I want to buy this album. I'm not convinced. I want to hear the song with Keyshia Cole. I liked how that track sounds. But the whole album is like a complilation. Almost every song has a feature. I feel like Diddy needs other artists to carry his weight because in all actuality, who wants to hear just Diddy for 10 or more tracks? Not me. Well, if your going to get it or not, I believe that he will be number one on the charts next week. I will let you know what the numbers are. Good luck Diddy.

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Fabolous Shot!!!!

Last night, after Diddy's fabulous all black attire release party, rapper Fabolous was shot. Fabolous went to Puff's resturant, Justin's to get some soul food when there was gun fire. In the mist of it all. Fabolous got hit in the thigh. When Fab realized he was shot, his friends tried to rush him to the hospital when they were pulled over for running red lights. Police then found unlicensed handguns in the vehicle and Fab with his entourage were arrested. So, I guess that it's safe to say that Fabolous had a crazy after party.
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Monday, October 16, 2006

Got Damn!

Got Damn Kid! I know your black but you too could go to a tanning salon. Kid is pictured here at the TNT Black Movie Awards this weekend. He really is aging. He needs some Will Smith tips.

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Ali Is Tasered By Po-Po

This weekend, Ali was tasered by police after being pulled over for traffic violations. Ali says that the Po-Po cuffed him to backseat to of the squad car and tasered him over 50 times. Awww. I guess the police weren't trying to hear his tip drill. He was actually pulled over for having an expired licesnse and tags and things just got hot (no punt intended). I don't know if Ali is planning on taking legal action against the officers, but I think he should. Police brutality is becoming as common as a officer's early morning cup of Joe and glazed donut. Something has to give. I wonder is crumping all over the streets with his new electrifying twitch.

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Who Is This?

It's funny how half of these pictures are very familiar and the other half isn't. Well, it's because one of these faces has been non-existent for years and the other is fresh and new. These pics were taken yesterday at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors Celebrity Hoops game in NYC. In the picture with Mr. Dougie Fresh is Lil Vicious. You ask who he is. He's the young Jamaican lyricist that had the hit reggae record, "Freaks." That song was hot when I was in Junior High. I even won a talent show freaking(dancing, lol) to that song. Dougie Fresh B-Boxed on that track. And for the next pic, you Chris Brown lovers might ask, "Who is that girl all up on my man?" That girl is Young B. The voice behing the "Chicken Noodle Soup" epidemic. She was at the game, I guess still trying to promote her album that flopped terribly. I wonder what is going to be both of these artists next move.

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Delishis Won Her Love of Flava!!!

Delishis has won the battle for Flava Flav's love and for the second time around New York has "egg on her face." LOL. But as you can see in this recent pic above, Flav's love is still showing her ass. Flav always picks the classy ones. First classy Hoopz and now classy angelic Delishis. Flav should be a video hoe A&R. Well, there you have it. The winner!!! Next Sunday will be the Flava of Love Reunion episode and we all know that there will be attempts to fight but no blows landed. So tune in for ghetto entertainment.

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New Palm Treo 680

Go to talkofnewyork.com to find out more about these candy painted Palm Treo's. They have features you will not believe. It has a mirror for crying out loud. Click on the link below to get to know this cellphone.
Get To Know This Palm Treo Here!!!

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What The ....!!!!

I'll let these pictures speak for themselves. Lil Kim, Aretha Franklin, Big Tigger and Dennis Rodman. This is why when you're a celebrity, you have to make sure that you look your best at all times. You just never know what the picture will look like.

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Money Can Either Make or Break You!!!!

Lol. I have to tell my mom to bury my baby pictures. LOL. As you can see, money can either work for you or fire you. I looked at these pics and said to myself, "Damn, they look so much better now" or "Damn, look how fucked up they look now with all that money they have." Let's do the run down real quick.

JLo: It's only obvious that money helped JLo. With those extra dollars she got that frizzy ass hair straightened, trimmed and dyed. She looks great now. She made her money work for her and her look. She brought sexy back when she wore that expensive Versace dress to that awards show. She looked like a million bucks... Money works hard for her.

Flava Flav: If he broke down and out, he wouldn't be able to afford those nasty ass looking gold toofies. I could honetly say that he was a decent looking kid in a Malcomn X movie kind of way. But money definitely put him out. He looks like a sideshow freak with his whole get up. Those chicks have to be desperate to kiss him on tv.

Lil Kim: I'm disaapointed at her. She went in the pen and came out looking like she just let herself go. I think she was stealing milk or something because she looks completely out of shape. She was a cute BK looking girl then money made her change her whole face. She was a better looking child before she had money.

Lil Jon: LOL. LMAO. Keep making money Lil Jon. I don't want to see you go back to your child hood look. LOL. Book worm baby. Awww... LOL.

Omarion: Definitely grew out of his Steve Urkel look. He's a sexy man now. Money is his kiss ass employee.

Thanks Silk for making me smile so early in the morning with these pics...

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

This Leak Isn't As Good As Pee-Diddy's. LOL

Yesterday, Jay Z's album had another leak that Flex dropped about 100 bombs on. His single, "Kingdom Come" is the second single to be leaked off of his new album that doesn't hit stores until November 21. Last week, when his other single, "Show Me What You Got" was released without permission, Def Jam executives said that they will take FBI action to find out who has been releasing these songs to the public. After this statement was publically announced, Radio's hot head, Miss Jones told her listeners that Jam's people dropped the single off to Angie Martinez(another radio personality) to play. Who do you believe? Well, Def Jam has now asked that the Radio world exempt themselves from playing his songs from his new album for their fear of hurting his album sales. I personally am not feeling any of the singles that I have heard, so I think that their fear is well reasoned. Maybe this all just a ploy for the bootleggers. Maybe these songs will not be on his album. Things that make you go hmmmm.
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Suge Is Looking For New Money

Suge Knight is so called bankrupt, but he's looking for new Benjamin's. He will be playing himself in a upcoming Tupac Shakur movie. I don't see why his mom would want him to be a part of Tupac's movie. I think that it will be something to see when Pac is being shot in the car. Knight was also in the vehicle with Pac and his big ass only got grazed. I'm actually wanting to see how he would act that part out. He will probably be shielding himself with Pac. I can't stand Suge. He's just poison. Ewwww. With or without Suge, I will definitely be checking out the movie when it comes out because I just love Pac. If you haven't heard it, Lyfe Jennings sings "Keep Ya Head Up" on his new album "The Pheonix." I love the song all over again. I don't know when this movie will premiere, but I will let ya'll know.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

iPod Vibrator!!!!!!!!

Nope! Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. This is an iPod accessory. It's a vibrator attachment. This thing is crazy. It vibrates to the beat of the song your listening to. A new way to climax. Lol. You Damn Freaks!!!!!!
Click Here To Read The Full Story

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Monica Albums Sales Are Bad!

Yesterday, Billboard dropped the numbers on album sales and Monica's debut The Making's of Me were very far from the number 1 spot. She brought in 93,000 of albums sold giving her the number 8 spot. I don't what happened. I bought the album and it is good. Though it only has 10 tracks, there are good songs on there. I enjoyed listening to it on my iPod. This album has to have the record for her lowest sales. Everyone in the "A" needs to be supporting her. They do say that it's hard for you to make that come back after you've been gone for a while.

2nd Annual Dirty Awards By Radio One

These are pics from the 2nd Annual Dirty Awards that took place in Atlanta on the 9th. I'm sorry but they need to do things a little bit better than this. Their awards were pimp cups customed made by Magic Don Juan. LOL. Fabo looks a damn mess. He looks like he's holding old ass 2 dollar bills. Look at your boys overcoat. You can tell he doesn't have any money left. Ciara looks cute in a Janet Jackson sort of way. I love Luda, so what can you say. Go get his album if you don't have it already and just listen to the words. He truly is an MC. Then we have Cee-Lo and Lloyd. Finally, we have the beautiful Letoya Luckett. She brought some class to this event. But even thought this award show looked ghetto as all hell, you have to love the "A" because they are who they are. They don't have to front and be uppity snobs when they know that they're not. I love the "A" but next year try to do it bigger and better.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lloyd Banks Had A Listening Party Last Night!

Mr. Money Banks had his first listening party last night at the grown and sexy Nikki Beach lounge. That place is sexy as hell. Well, Lloyd teamed up with Bacardi Mojito and had a party. In the very beginning, the party was so boring. EWven with the free drinks, I was bored as all hell. The funny thing about this listening party was that I didn't hear any of Banks new music except for one song. LOL. They had a G-Unit fashion show which was pleasant. I must say that 50 is getting in touch with his feminine side because his women's line looked fairly decent. There were no big ol' "G-Unit" logo's all over the chick clothes. There was a sexy short set and cute winter jackets. There were topless models holding there breasts with Lloyd Banks and G-Unit art sprayed painted on their backs. They were modeling new jeans. The infamous Mobb and Yayo came out in their Gorilla gear walking the runway. Surprisingly, but not so much, Hot Rod was there also ripping the runway. He actually is nice looking. The questionable part of my night was when I seen Maino there. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't he have a diss record out now dissing people from the Unit. I'm not sure though. Can't recollect the actual lyrics. I'm sorry that I couldn't snap any pictures for this event but there were very strict rules that you had to abide by, so I left my camera home like it stated. But overall, the event was a blur with all the free Bacardi they were shoving down our throats. VIP was definitely popping (thanks Kev) and I had to make the night fun for me (Katie, you know what I mean. =) ) LOL. I can't tell you whether or not his album is worth getting, so use your own judgement today.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Jadakiss: Nothing To Smile About Now

This weekend (Oct. 7th), Jadakiss was arrested on weapon possession charges. Mr. Jason Phillips was in a vehicle with his entourage, when they were pulled over. The vehicle was then searched and to all the passenger's surprises, there was a gun under the seat. Oh my, they couldn't believe it. LOL. The Kiss of Death already has a record for gun charges where he made a plea agreement and was only charged a $900 fine. What i don't understand is if you know you have a gun in the car, why would you let the PoPo search it. You do have the right to say "no" when they ask you to search it. I guess it's the pressure at the moment and you just choke. I don't what causes such stupidity. Well, Jada and his friends will all be charged. Hopefully, the Judge will let him off as easy as the last time, but I doubt it.
Want To Read Full Details, Click Here

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Ciara and 50 Cent Are Doing It!!!!!!!!

That's right! Ciara and 50 Cent are doing it. A single together that is. I don't know what you were thinking. Now that this hip popping mega star is single, she's looking for those "Dope Boys" and 50 Cent just so happens to be that to the 5th power. Creatively, it made sense for him to be on this track, so he is. "Dope Boys" is produced by the lovely Rodney Jerkins, so you know it's a hit. I personally have not heard it but once Jersey Jerkin's put's the stamp on it, it's platinum. Atlanta's native is dropping her album, Ciara: The Evolution December 5th. If this single does the Jay-Z leak, I will be sure to hit you with the tunes.
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Friday, October 06, 2006

Like Yayo Said About Jim Jones Song, "BOOOORRRIINNNNGGG"

The Celebrity News today is just a bunch of fluff and is pretty damn boring. Nothing is good, except for Beyonce's new video that YouTube will not let me download. I don't know what's wrong with them and me but I haven't been able to download any videos lately. There's nothing good that anyone is talking about. They're talking about Eva Longoria's fall down the steps and an ex-idols reunion with his dad. Big Blah... Hopefully, Monday will bring better news. Keep on checking out talkofnewyork.com. I'll Holla. LOL
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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cassidy In Critical Condition

It is said that Cassidy is in critical condition from a terrible car accident that occured last night. He was traveling to New York when his SUV was hit by a rental truck. The SUV was hit on Cassidy's side and cause him to have a fractured skull and broken bones in his face. Ewww. I hope that everything will be ok. Right now, he is in critical condition. My prayers go out to him and his family. I will keep you posted with his progress...

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How Cute!!!!! Monica's Lil Rock!!!!!

How cute is her son, Lil Rock? This pic was taken at a CD signing in The A. Monica looks beautiful as always. I'm loving the shades. Thank you ConcreteLoop....
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