Thursday, August 31, 2006

50 Cent Will No Longer Be At Diddy Parties!!!! LOL

They ain't buddies, they ain't patnas and they damn sure ain't friends. Well, at least up til now. 50 Cent has beef with one of hip hop's biggest moguls. The Diddy. Ever since Mr. Jackson has taken Mase Murda or Reverend Mase (LOL) under his wing, Diddy hasn't fronted the bill yet. 50 wants his money and he makes that pretty clear in his new diss record towards Diddy. Columnist, Sickamore, gave you guys the whole end of the song:

“I guess this means I won’t be invited to the white parties in the Hamtpons…I don’t give a fuck! I don’t wanna hang out with your punk ass no way! Got me muthafuckin’ running around with this nigga Ma$e…and he wanna play games you don’t wanna make the deal nigga?! Man I’ll fuck your shit up nigga!!! IS YOU CRAZY NIGGA?!?! Matter of fact, you know what? I don’t wanna do the deal no more…FUCK THE DEAL nigga! You wanna play game you wanna waste my muthafuckin time nigga?! Time is money nigga you wasting the muthafuckin money nigga!!! Aiight…I see what you’re trying to do. But I don’t know why you doing what you trying to do. Why you wanna make me tell everybody what Misa told me? HUH?!?! Now you go on and send me $50,000 for this nigga travel fees…you know airfare…hotel space for that last tour nigga. Or I’ll really service your ass nigga!!! Hahahahaha….”

Good looking Sickamore. =)

I think Diddy should put a bonus diss track on his CD. That would definitely push up his sales. But of course, somebody else would probably write those lyrics anyway. Still would be good promos. Well, listen to the track and let me know what you think.

Click Here To Hear 50 Cent Diddy Diss

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For All You Fashion Freaks. Get This!!!!!

For those of you who claim that you are a fashion icon or obsessed with fashion and you're looking at this ladies picture wondering who she is.... Smack yourself and go back studying. This lady is the only Celebrity Fashion Stylist, June Ambrose. She has styled the best of them and if you don't know, check the credentials. She used to be a banker and then she turned her regular love of fashion into an empire. That's what you can call hustling. Well, her friend Diddy threw a big party on August 28th to promote her fabolous book, "Effortless Style." She has also helped Diddy to look great in the public eye. I'm telling everyone who loves fashion or wants to learn about why fashion is something to love, pick up her book. It will be in stores September 26th but you can pre-order it now. [Vanessa, this means you. LOL] Go out and support the lady who has helped make Hollywood a better looking place.
Click Here To Pre-Order Your Book

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Diddy's Danity Top's OutKast On Charts!

I must say that this is very big for these girls. Sorry Maleeka that you couldn't be a part of it, stick to Blind Dates. Anyway, these beauts are "Show Stopping" over everyone on the Billboard charts. Yesterday the numbers poured in and Danity Kane pushed to number 1 by selling 234,000 copies. OutKast sold 196,000 copies of their "Idlewild" soundtrack. What does this tell you people about Hip Hop? Is Nas right about Hip Hop being dead? I can't talk bad about these girls album because I haven't heard it, but when OutKast released "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below," they sold over 500,000 copies the first week. That's a lot in numbers and dollar signs. I wonder how many copies did each of these girls buy themselves? LOL. The fact still remains that they are number 1 but are they here to stay? Will they end up under the Bad Boy office like Diddy's past "Making Da Band" groups? What happened to Dream and O-Town? They fell off the earth or something? If I were them, I would come out with a book spilling all the Bad Boy beans. Well, only time will tell if Danity Kane is a huge success because of the likeings of reality television. Congrats DK. Your parents must be proud and Aundrea's boyfreind must be crying. LOL.
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Eminem's New Kicks

These are the new Eminem kicks. If your wondering where you can buy these, keep wondering because you can only win them. These custom made Nike AirMax will only be auctioned off on Ebay. Mr. Mathers is trying to raise money for his Eminem’s Marshall Mathers Foundation. All the money from the auction will contribute to help troubled youth in Michigan. The first style is the Proof edition. It has his picture in the back. I personally think that the Proof edition should've been a much more stylish looking sneaker. If I seen that sneaker in the store, I wouldn't even look twice at it. Shame on you Nike. I'm not sure when the bids start but when I find out, I will let you know. RIP Proof.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Beenie At His Wedding. Awwwww!!!!!

This is soooo cute. [thxs Butta] Beenie tied the knot about a week ago, on August 22th. He jumped the broom with his pregnant wife Michelle D'Angel' Downer. Can you believe that she's due in October? She doesn't even look pregnant in her dress, so big kudos to her stylists or taylor. Her dress was long and lavish. The wedding was a beautiful all white affair and everyone looked great. Black love is beautiful.

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I don't know if I like this remix. The mix of the original beat with MJB's "Real Love" beat is the what I like. Candace is a cute chick but the duet sounds generic. It doesn't sound like it goes well together. I wonder if she will agree to make video with him now with all the Professional BJ photos going around of Neyo. Overall, she has a cool Cassie voice on the duet but I don't know. Did I mention that she has a song called "You and Me" and Cassie has one called "Me and You." But her song has a different sound and meaning. LOL. Can't really say that I enjoyed this duet. But good luck to you Candace.

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Some What New Video. What's Different?

Did you find what's different about the "Show Stopper" Remix video? LOL.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Quick Test!!!! Everyone Should Try It!!!!

My cousin sent me an email and it told me to google in the word, "failure" and see what is the first thing that comes up. Curious, I did and George W. Bush was the first thing to pop up. Go ahead and try it if you think that I'm lieing. Hurry up before the government catches on and takes it off... I guess we know now why he was elected... LOL...

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Foxy Brown Is Famous For This Week.

"Fox Boogie Brown is bad as hell." Well, at least this week she is. Those hearing pills have her straight tripping. LOL. Yesterday, I spoke about her stealing belts and now she's trying to change her plea in court. Here's the story according to Newsday. On Monday, Foxy a.k.a Inga Marchand, pleaded guilty to roughing up those two nail salon techs. The plea she made guaranteed her less jail time and required her to be on 3 years of probation. Along with the probation, she would have to take anger management classes which she so desperately needs. Claiming that she was rushed into making her plea, Inga returned to the Court and tried to take away her plea bargain but the judge shut her down. The judge told her, "the plea stands." So, I guess Foxy left the Court room and kicked her attorney up the ass. LOL. Does anyone know if she has a new album coming out because this is way to much drama for one week without the attempt to promote. She just needs to get it together and take those classes. She's runing what little career she has left. Have a drink Foxy and chill out.

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Elton John Goes Hip Hop!

He wears a mean dark pair of shades all the time. Elton John can definitely relate to Jim Jones when it comes to "Balling," but he's about to make a album that all hip hoppers can relate to. Sir. Elton is planning on crossing over with his plans to collaborate with Dr. Dre to create a hip-hop album. No question about it, Elton knows good music but in reference to hip-hop music he says, "I love these beats, but I have no idea how to get them." I guess with practice and hard work, Elton will try his best to attempt to make the best of it. When it comes to who he wants to work with, "Pharrell, Tmbaland, Snoop, Kanye, Eminem...," are those at the top of his list. I can definitely see Sir Elton making some money from this and also making some heads bop. When Elton John wants to crossover to hip hop, you know what that means.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

What The....!!!! Ne-Yo, What Are You Doing?

Ne-Yo is nasty. He's not as innocent as we all think. It's not all about "Sexy Love" with him. He's into nasty love. He's allegedly getting a professional from one of his back up dancers. This is not a good move. Maybe this is his own way of trying to clean up recent rumors about him being gay. If this is his reason for this, I think a statement would've been a much better way to address the issue. My eyes have been violated. Once again, I feel how I felt 4 years ago when my college friend brought the R.Kelly sex tape back to the dorm and we all watched it for the first time. After I seen the tape, I could never listen to a Kelly song without picturing him pissing on that little girl. Now, it's the same with Ne-Yo. Can't listen to "Sexy Love" the same way again. Thanks a lot Ne-Yo. I used to like that album...

Muah for.... I don't think it's appropriate to end it the same right now... Nastaaaay.

Awwww... Finally!!!

Finally, we get to see these two love birds together. I always knew that they were together and married but I never seen them together. They make a lovely couple and I would like to see them more often. This picture was taken at the pre-Emmy party on August 27. Shame on you if you don't know who these two are. It's Omar Epps and Keisha Spivey a.k.a Keisha from the Bad Boy R&B group, Total. She still looks beautiful. Maybe this will boost up Omar's "House" show ratings. But the fact of the matter is, it's nice to see Keisha and it's great to see them together.

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Snuggle With This.

Picture this. You and your boo. 30 degrees or below. New released DVD flick. Big screen HDTV. Hot chocolate. Comfy living room couch. The only thing missing now is this Fendi Zucchino throw to keep you two warm. Fendi is looking out this winter by creating a fashionable throw that you will not just throw anywhere. It's made out of wool which guarantees warmth. I love it because it isn't too feminie or masculine. Anyone can have it. Bachelor or bachelorette. So, instead of suggling up with those cheap $20 fleece throws with the dust bunnies all over it, get you a nice fashionable Fendi throw... Good fashion is sometimes costly.
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Why Is Foxy Brown Stealing?

This Brooklyn Zoo native got her hearing back, but she hasn't changed her ways. Foxy Brown has once again made headlines. According to the New York Post, Foxy stole two $400 belts from a high end boutique in New York City. Tony, the owner of the L'impasse boutique, was pissed and had this to say. "I was going to just call her and tell her to get those f-ing belts back- but I guess I'm pressing charges." The court room regular ranted and raved at the high price of the gold rhinestone belt that she later left the store with, along with another belt. Come on Foxy, why are you in a store acting crazy about over priced items? I believe that her hearing surgery cost her a arm and a legs because rappers have no health insurance. Maybe she's broke. Tony also blamed her behavior on the drugs she might be on from her surgery. LOL. Let me find out that Foxy is overdosing on hearing drugs. Lmao. Well, I guess Foxy will be attending a hearing again (no punt intended) for these charges.

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Friday, August 25, 2006


Look at Jerome from Martin. LOL. Jerome preserved his sexy and now he looks like Diddy...
Justin (P. Diddy's Son) doing the chicken noodle soup

Look at the Sean John Top Model doing the chicken noodle soup dance. If ya'll didn't notice, Jackie Long is the golf worker from the ATL movie. He's hanging with the big dogs.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Shakira Performing At Madison Square Garden.

This sexy Colombian has come a long way since her single, "Whenever, Wherever." She started a belly dancing epidemic that everyone seems to be doing in all of their videos but no one can quite do it like Shakira. Shakira has earned her stripes in America. She's been shaking her money maker across the world and now she is making a pit stop in my hometown, NYC. For all of you Shakira fans, she is finally doing her own show and it will be held at Madison Square Garden. This will definitely be a sold out event, so get your tickets now. You can get them from her own website, or ticketmaster. Shakira will be doing two shows. One on Sept.7 and the other on Sept. 8. Go check out her hip motion live.

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No. 2 Album On The BillBoard Charts.

I'm focused on the No. 2 spot today because he's one of my favorites. Lyfe Jennings talently landed the second spot on the charts. His songs are heart felt songs and have actual meaning to them. His single off of this album, "S-E-X," is sending out a very positive message to everyone out there. Don't give your poo-na-nay to just anyone and fellas stop slinging that thing in every direction. I have to say that I am very proud of Lyfe. He's living proof that people who have been incarcerated isn't just cemented to the streets when they come out. There are other options but you just have to find them. They WILL NOT find you. Everyone is proud of you Lyfe. If your wondering, Christina Aguilera came in No. 1 with her Ginuwine jacking, "Back to Basics." Congrats lady.
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's Time To Give Up!!!! ASAP!!!

I hope this isn't going to the pictures to his album cover. LOL. These are pics from K-Ci's album listening party. Who even knew that his album was coming out. The fact of the matter is that by the looks of things, he needs to give it a rest. He looks worse than ever. That picture of him with his tongue out is bound to give me nightmare's for days. Mary is lucky that she moved on... OOOOH Yeah!!!!

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It Get's Worse!!!

As if it couldn't get any worse than this picture and his Teen Choice Awards performance, it does. Kevin Federline actually had the nerve to make a POSITIVE statement about his performance. He says, "I think I pulled it off really well." His name has been blasted all over the entertainment and media world for his horrible performance. I tried to be nice and say that it was ok, but theirs weren't nice at all. But it gets worse again. He told that he's coming out with a video for his song, "Lose Control." Oh no. I don't need to see a world premiere for his wack song and I definitely don't need to see him crumping all over my tube. This is a must NOT see tv moment.
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Jay Z Is Back On The Road On Tour But For A Cause

He's been seen on news channels all over the world making a touching announcement on the worldwide water crisis. He has joined forces with the United Nations and MTV to begin a world tour to help those in crisis and to build more awareness on the issue. The tour will last for seven weeks but this term is not definite because there could be more. Jay isn't doing this tour for the paper dough, but to make a change. Mr. Def Jam sincerely explains, "Well, I'm not just going to go over there and rap to them. I'm going to help and see what I can do in these areas." I take my hat off to Jay because regardless of what people will say his reason (tax write off) is, he's still doing something. He's using his tax write off for something that desperately needs that financial attention. The worldwide water crisis has existed for decades and he's finally bringing a lot of attention to it to raise more awareness that this is a serious issue. Celebrities have a huge voice and Jay's will always be heard because he is a mega mogul.
Jay kicks off his tour on Sept. 9 in Krakow, Poland.
Click Here For More Dates

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Start Trading In Your BlackBerry's.

This is an exclusive picture of the next Smartphone. It's called "The Excalibur." It's sleek and smaller than the BlackBerry. Just wanted my readers to have the first look at this phone. Rumor has it set to be released later this year, but i think it will be out in 2007. I will let ya'll know when it drops.
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Take A Mental Guess Of How Old This Man Is!!!!!!

Happy Belated Birthday Emiliano Mercado del Toro. Damn, I'm tired from typing out his long name. Lol. Can you guess how old he is? He's the worlds's oldest person. I don't know if that's a totally good thing. Knowing that most people or obviously all the people you grew up with are all gone. But despite any of his losses, including his hair, teeth, vision and independent leg mobility, he has won the Guinness Book of World Records. This is a picture of Emiliano's birthday party in Puerto Rico, where he lives. I can't tell whether or not he's smiling but he says, "I feel happy." He tells his secret to staying alive for so long. "I never damaged my body with liquor." Though he brags of not being a lush, he was a smoker but kicked that habit at 76 years old. I guess it is never too late to quit. I know, I know, you are still wondering how old he is. Okaaaaay, I will tell you. Drum role Please!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you that guessed one hundred and fifteen, was correct. This man is that old and still living. Happy Belated Emiliano.
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Carlton To Be On New Reality Show, "Celebrity Duets"

We all know that on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Carlton was the preppy nerd (though not in this picture, oooh la la) with a singing soul inside of him, but we all thought it was funny. Carlton a.k.a Alfonso Ribeiro, is now taking his singing seriously. He has joined the competiton of "American Idol's" great, Simon Cowell's new reality show, "Celebrity Duets." The show teams up real album sold singers with never stepped in the booth singers to do duets together. They sing their hearts out and at the end of the competition, the best pair wins new publicity, bragging rights, cash money towards their favorite charity and Cowell says that he expects the winner to walk away with a recording contract and a new career path. I pray that Alfonso does his signature dance at least once. I read somewhere that he REALLY hates doing it or when people asks him to do it, but I hope he does.
Joining Alfonso for the competition will be Macy Gray, Patti Labelle, Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight (wonder how she looks now) and a host of others. Be on the look out for Little Richie being a judge. Lol. "Who ever heard of cutting a penny in half?" LOL. The show is scheduled to air on Fox, August 29th at 8 p.m. Check it out.
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Diddy Expecting Another Cutie.

The rumors going around about Diddy expecting a child from another woman is half way true. Diddy is having another child, but it's with his model chick, Kim Porter. Diddy's rep confirmed yesterday with People magazine, "the couple is thrilled about the news." I think that this is why Puff refuses to marry Kim. If they get divorced she will end up with a lot assets for the children and herself. Ching, Chang, Chang$ Diddy already has two children, one that is pictured above as the head of the pack. That's his cute son Justin. He's the new face for the Sean John kid's line. He's really following in the footsteps of his father. He's the son Puff has with fashion stylist, Misa Hylton-Brimm. His other boy is Christain that he has with Kim. I think when Justin gets older he will definitely take over the family business. I wonder if Misa, being the fashion queen, has any say in what Justin wears for Puff's ads? Does anyone know? Well, Good luck pushing this one out Kim.
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Monday, August 21, 2006

Jay-Z Is A Daddy... LOL

I just thought this pic was funny as hell. It looks like the perfect picture. What ya'll think? Who's the baby mama? LOL...

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New Mary J. Blige Video- Take Me As I Am

Talent is talent. You can't deny MJB. Ladies stand up!

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You Can Be A Murderer And Fly First Class. What!!!!!

We all have been watching this face on the front page of every newspaper there is. We've been watching him sporting that blue canvas button up shirt for days. John Mark Karr has finally changed his clothes and now he's flying first class!!!! Not only is he flying first class, but he's not in handcuffs or shackles. What!!!! We definitely need Lil. Jon for this one. For those of you who don't recognize this Norman Bates look alike, shame on you. He's the pshyco who admitted to murdering six year old, JonBenet Ramsey. Even though officials don't believe that he actually killed the little girl, the fact of the matter is that he admitted to it. He's admitting to being a murderer. Why is he drinking champagne, drinking beer and eating real dinner on a first class flight from Bangkok. What!!!! Why is this man being treated like a civilian? I don't understand. The excuse officials gave was that they wanted him to feel comfortable in order to cooperate with investigators. That's a bunch of bull... A bottle of Cris isn't going to enhance the chance of him cooperating. When does alcohol make a situation better? I'm telling you that world is backwards. I bet when officials wanted to question Busta Rhymes about the Ramirez murder case, they didn't send a bottle of Moet to his home with a little card attached saying, "Please come down to the precinct for questioning." Karr wasn't even handcuffed. Officials also said that they had no control over the trip. How can't you have control of a murderer? You don't have say in whether or not he wears handcuffs? Once again, Lil. Jon help me out. WHHHHAAAATTTT!!!

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Kevin Federline's First Performance And Other Stuff

For those of you who missed it yesterday, Surf Boards were given out at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards. After all the waiting, the moment of the night came and closed the show. Kevin Federline's first televised performance. His very pregnant wife, Britney Spears, introduced Kevin as "her man." I thought they were past that stage but whatever. Well, I have to say that his performance was ok. He performed his song, "Loose Control." His child dancers were very cute and could really dance. When Kevin tried to tackle the famous Busta Rhymes beat to "Touch It" it didn't really mesh well. If you rhyme over that beat, you have to be much more energetic and up to beat. To try and fill Busta's shoes with performances, it takes a lot. Lol. But he tried. Kevin's DJ definitely tried to outshine him. His DJ was extra loud and overbearing. You couldn't help but to keep an eye on his DJ. Kevin needs to find a hypeman and a quiet DJ. Overall, his performance was ok. Nothing to say oooh's and aaaah's about. His marketing team needs a raise because what better way to get sales than to do your first performance for a Teen Choice award show. All the horny teen girls will run home and beg their parents in advance to have his CD when it comes out. Good job team marketing. Lol.
Other stuff on the awards, I think that every other person in there had problems in some way or another. I think Teen Choice producers had security very tight. We had Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey and Ludacris and Chingy. It was just weird to hear there names called as special guests. The beautiful Rhianna performed her famous old song, "S.O.S," but I was hoping that she performed her new single, "We Ride." Her performance as well wasn't great. It was just blah. She also lip-synched and that didn't look so well. A real performer can sing and dance without the need to Ashlee Simpson. Lol. Nelly Furtado and Timbaland also performed their duet, "Promiscuous Girl." Their performance was ok. Nelly's voice sound great, but that was were it stopped. Timbaland looked like he gained a couple of pounds but it could've been those 10 extra pounds the tube gives everyone. Lol. The show was dry and the performances were ok, but I watched it for you guys. LOL.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

The First Week!!!

Thank God it's friday. It's been a good week. This was my first week on the grind trying to keep everyone up to date. I want to thank everyone for tuning in to my blog and commenting. I appreciate the support. I hope that everyone will keep tuning in.
Today, I posted one piece of news because I feel like there is nothing good out there that is worth posting. If I find out more exclusive news, I will hop back on and make sure you read it here first. For all New Yorkers, hope to see ya'll at the "Chicken Noodle Soup" BBQ in Harlem on Saturday. People in Queens, maybe I will see you on Hollis at Jude's BBQ... Who knows where I will end up.
Once again, thank you for your support and hope to hear from you. Hit me up on Myspace. =)
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Why Is He Singing On His New Album? Why?

Ok, people. I don't know if you watch the Keyshia Cole reality show on BET, "The Way It Is," but on one episode Keyshia meets with the infamous Diddy, Daddy, whatever, at the studio to sing on his track, 'Last Night' for his new debut album, Press Play. It was ear piercing to hear Puff try to teach Keyshia how he wanted her part to be sang. Oh my... It was horrible. He sounded like a dieing cat on the main street. Now, I find out that he is actually joining Keyshia on the track to sing. Not rap but to SING!!! I'm not liking the sound of this.
Even though he admits to, "I represent all of the shower singers out there. I'm not the greatest singer, but I have a lot of emotion in my voice..." Great way to excuse his lack of singing talent. I just think that artists want to be different but always push themselves way out of their league. This is like Paris Hilton singing or her trying to spit a HOT 16. It's just not realistic. But for Puffy, where there is a will there is a way. He won't stop, right? Nope! Check for his album that hits stores October 16.
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

These Stylish Sneakers Are Only $14.98!!!!!!

It don't get any better than this... Fellas. Now you don't have to spend 100 dollars on a pair of Jordan's, just to play ball in. You can wear these and play ball in them without thinking to yourself, "Damn, I just paid $180 for these." Who is the mastermind behind these kicks? Sexy, basketball star, Stephon Marbury. He appeared on 106 & Park to promote his new apparel. Stephon teamed up with retail store, Steve & Barry's University Sportswear to create a great, inexpensive shoe, "Starbury One" that everyone can afford. You don't have to spend your whole paycheck to get these on your feet. These kicks are the most expensive out of his whole line. I wonder if they come in kids sizes?
Now everyone can look great for a great price. But, I wonder how the quality of the shoe is. I hope it doesn't fall apart as soon as you go for the lay up. Lol... Well check out his kicks as well as affordable gear, including jersey's, on his website,

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He Came A Long Way

Do you know who this is? Yes, it is Jermaine Dupri. LOL. Who wouldv'e thought that this fragile looking boy would be the big president of Virgin Records. President Dupri has taken on another task and agreed "to be the musical director of the second edition of AmsterJam." For those of you that don't know about AmsterJam, it's a music festival of various different artists of different genres. This year, the line up is Busta Ryhmes, Foo Fighters, Tom Petty, Calderon, LL Cool J, and Yerba Buena. Dupri's job is to find a way to mesh these artists for a collaborated performance. "... figuring out how to fit LL and Calderon together is the toughest," says Dupri.
I'm pretty sure that Jermaine will find a creative way to figure that one out. The concert will be in New York City on August 19.
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J. Lo Got A New Show

Jennifer Lopez is finding a new way to get money. She's a sucessful wife, actress, songtress, dancer, fashion designer, smell goods specialist and now she's adding television show producer to her resume. She's teaming upwith Simon Fields to produce a show on FX called, "Echo Park." According to Variety, the show is "comedic look at the world of yuppie, Latino and hipster cultures within Los Angeles' Echo Park neighborhood."
I think that her MTV series, "Moves" will be a much interesting thing to watch. It's a reality show about dancing where six unfamilar dancers try to make it big. I think this show will better to watch because it's very mush so up Lopez's alley. She's a great dancer and it would be fun to watch these rookies try to copy her style. LOL....
Either way, Lopez is making that money and you can't knock that.

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Will Smith's New Flick "The Pursuit of Happyness"

Will smith is doing it again but with a more family oriented movie. Even his son, Jaden, co-stars in the movie with him. It looks like it will be a cute little movie for Christmas time. It will teach everyone a lesson about money$ "Pursuit of Happyness" hit theatre's December. 15th 2006. Take the family.

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$$$ Start Saving Your Money $$$

Everyone needs to hurry up and get some coin wrapping paper and begin to wrap all those loose coins that you have stored in those old glass jelly jars. This is a 2008... Yes, i said a 2008 Nissan Skyline GTR. This car is sooo new and exclusive that the inside of it isn't even created yet. The maker's of Nissan just wanted to give everyone a taste of what's in store for 2008, but at the same time leave people guessing. The only info that was spilled to about the goods, which still isn't 100 percent concrete accurate, is that it will have a twin-turbo V-6 engine and about 400 and 500 hp... Whatever that means. Lol. But the fact still remains that the car itself is superstar status...
This car is very sexy and futuristic. So, when 2008 is here, you know where you seen it first...
Click Here For More Views

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A B*tch Gotta Eat!!!! DAMN!

Now, now, now... Only a rich person would starve themselves like this... Mr. Richie can you please strap this girl to a highchair and force feed her some potatoes. Please!!! I beg of you... What's up with her stomach... This is so scary. Maybe she's really depressed that her former best friend is a shining right now...
On a more serious note, to all the people out there with eating disorders, if this won't make you stop purging, I don't know what will. This is a prime example why food is important. Nicole, I would personally clear my savings account just to get you some help.... What do ya'll think?
And on a fashionable note, what the hell is on her head? LOL...

Muah for your forehead...
New Beyonce "Ring The Alarm Video"

She's setting the bar very high with this. Can't wait to see her perform this live... Go head B...

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EVE Ready To Come Back To The Rap Game

It's her first album in four years. Damn! It's been that long since, "Love Is Blind." According to the September issue of a supplement to W magazine, Eve says, "Don't look for the girl from the first three albums." I guess that can be true because in this album, she actually sings. "I've sung hooks but never a whole song with heart," says Eve. That should definitely be something to hear.
Another thing is that she says that she has been listening to more reggae and Brazilian music, so I'm guessing that these genres will influence her songs and beats. Along the ride for her new album is the skateboard P. The Louis Vuitton model, Pharell, produced "Give It to Me," that is set to be on her new album.
I'm actually looking forward to seeing Eve back on the music scene. Watched her show only once and still wondering how it stayed on air for so long. But, I've always loved her music. I'm also pondering what the other female lyricists are planning on doing when Eve starts to blow. Remy? Eve has a lot of reconvincing to do. Hopefully this new album will speak for itself...

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

E-40 and the Hype on Hyphy

Tell Me Where To Go!!! The Hyphy movement has been a big thing for the California and especially the Bay Area. Katie, Stand Up... Lol. E-40 has been the Godfather of the Hyphy movement and in his new DVD, "E-40 and the Hype on Hyphy," he let's everyone know what all the "hyphy" is about. His dvd is set to hit stores on August. 26th. Pick it up. It's a cultural experience that every music lover should see. Learn your history.

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Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!!!! Eye Opener

Thank you Roberto Cavalli for allowing us women to look great for the upcoming fall. This a shoe boot to die for. The style is soo different and sexy. To all you ladies that are thinking about getting this excuisite piece of art, then make sure you wear it right. A nice pair of tight, straight leg denims and a killer leather coat. A biker style leather coat would look great with these boots. Grab your accessories and you will be set to rule the world. Lol.

Don't feel left out guys, I got something for you too.

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Can Obie Trice Really Have Anti-Violence Raps?

As we all know, Obie and the whole Shady camp has all been through a lot this past year with the loss of their crew member, Proof but Obie definitely had a double dose. On New Year's Eve, he got shot in the head. Til this day, the bullet is still in his skull. According to Jim Farber of the Daily News, Obie is going towards "anti-violence raps." His new CD, "Second Round's On Me," which drops today, is supposed to have some of these songs. But my question is, can Obie Trice really have raps prone to non-violence. I haven't heard his CD yet, but in reference to hs past CD's, I don't really see that happening. That's like Eminem having a whole baby making music CD. Don't really see that happening either. But, either way, Mr. Trice is a good lyricists and I guess I will have to hear it to believe it.
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Vivica Fox Set to be on Dancing With the Stars

When I seen Master P on the last season of, Dancing with the Stars chucking and jiving, I thought that that would be the end of Black people once again embarrassing our culture, but I think Vivica might just do it again. She's really trying her best to stay young, as if her numerous surgeries isn't enough to sustain her youth. I guess we can look forward to her shaking it like a salt shaker, AGAIN! From the looks of the 2004 VMA's, I guess she does have rhythm, so it won't be as bad as watching two left feet Master P.
Trailer trash show host, Jerry Springer will also be greasing up his knee's because he too is a contestant in the show. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Good Luck. Lol...

Click here to find out more...

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Exclusive: MOBB DEEP Interview

I told ya’ll that I would have some things in store. Not too long ago, I got to kick it with the infamous Mobb Deep at a studio in Queens. I interviewed them so all their fans can stop wondering about what they’ve been up to. I found out about some new projects, old decisions and we enjoyed a quick game of First Thing. For all you Mobb Deep fans, I hope that you enjoy this interview and for people that are not familiar, get familiar. It’s the Infamous Mobb, M-O-B-B…

JahChink: So how you guys doing?

Mobb: We good. We good.

JC: So what are you guys working on?

Havoc: P working on a solo album and we’re also putting together the best of Mobb Deep. We’re going to put out all the songs that we had out in the past all on one album.

JC: A lot of songs from Murda Musik?

H: Like a couple of songs from all the albums we did.

JC: Are you going to come out with your solo album?

H: I was thinking about it but I’m more on production and just getting the production out there.

JC: Why did you decide to do a solo album?

Prodigy: The Bread.

JC: The bread? Everything is for money?

P: Hell yeah. (He laughs)

JC: Is there anything different about your solo album than when you two collaborate together?

P: Nah. It’s just me; you know what I’m saying. That’s the only difference.

JC: When is this album going to come out?

P: Soon. Real soon.

JC: So, how is G-Unit treating Mobb Deep?

Mobb: Good.

JC: Do you think this was the best career move for you two?

H: I say that it was one of the best career moves. We made a lot of moves in our career and this is definitely one of them up to date. I can definitely say that I made the right decision. Any move I make, I think it’s the right decision. I don’t have any regrets.

JC: Ok, I’m going to switch it up. I’m going to say a word and you guys tell me the first thing that pops into your head. Okay?

Mobb: Cool

JC: Murda Musik

H: Classic

P: Quiet Storm

JC: Juvenile Hell

P: Hold down the block

JC: Sidekick 3

H: Have it (They laugh)

JC: Nas

P: Jay-Z

JC: Tru Life

H: Tru Life, who?

JC: Movies

H: The Godfather

P: Black Out

JC: The Blues

H: Nat King Cole

JC: The studio

H: Everyday

JC: 50

P: Mobb Deep

H: Paper. Bread.

JC: Hip Hop

P: Run DMC. Even though they didn’t start it, they definitely made a mark.

JC: That’s true. Well, it was fun and I thank you both for allowing me to interview you. Good luck with your albums.

Mobb: No doubt.

Hope you enjoyed my interview.

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New Dolce and Gabbana Motorola

If you don't already have a Motorola RAZR, don't feel left out. Here is your chance to catch up. This new gold and sleek cellphone will definitely make your friends wish they waited to cop this one. Not only is this phone great with service and everything else, it also is a head turner. People will constantly stop and stare. And if you thought the phone was just it, there's more. For accessories, there is a gold Motorola Bluetooth wireless ear piece and a Dolce and Gabbana charm. If you can't get with the wireless. don't feel left out because it also has a gold wired ear piece. So, to all you people out there who had your eyes on the RAZR, now is your chance to be up to date... Go get you one.

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