Friday, September 29, 2006

Women: Dolla Dolla Bill Ya'll$$$$

That's right ladies. Show those million dollar smiles. These women made the 2007 Guinness Book of Records for being very successful in the dollar sign area. It's about time that women are stepping up in the game of making dough. The only way that us women can continue to grow in the business world is if we stop knocking each other down. Instead of looking at what another female is doing wrong, we should acknowledge what she's doing right. Well here are a few of the stats:

Highest Paid Person on TV:
-Oprah Winfrey (of course, like you didn't know) with $225 million

Highest Paid Female Singer
-Madonna (she took Mother Britney's spot) with $50 million

Highest Salary Per Minute
-Nicole Kidman (you won't believe this) with $3.71 million four a four-minute commercial for Chanel No.5 (What the... And when I thought people have nothing better to do with their money than bid on a half eaten sandwhich Britney Spears ate on ebay.)

Highest Earned Salary For Children's Books
-J.K. Rowling (You know, Harry Potter books) with $64 million

So there you have the numbers and there are more in the book. Thank you for bringing this to my eyes attention. Women, let this be lesson that we can do it ourselves. Keep on trucking hard, you will make it.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Look Like Nas Isn't The Only One

A couple of days ago, I informed you about Nas getting his album pushed back. Well, by the looks of it, he isn't the only one. F-A-B-O is also getting his pushed back to February. Fabolous claims that he wants to give other producers a chance. What do ya'll think about that excuse? His album From The Bottom To The Top, was supposed to drop in October, then December and now next year. We'll see if he comes out in next year with his album. I'm not excited about it because I haven't heard any tracks from it yet, but maybe I will change my mind.

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Yes this is a phone and if you like what you see and want to know more about this device, I suggest that you go to All I'm saying is that this phone has so many features, that you wouldn't need anything else.
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Gwyneth Paltrow Duets With Jay Z!!!!!

Sorry MJB and Beyonce, but it's Gwyneth Paltrow that's taking your duet spot. Yesterday in London, Gwyn sang the chorus to "Song Cry" at the side of Jay Z. Last time I checked, Paltrow was an actress. According to attendee's, her performance was "excellent." Does this mean that we have to look out for Gwyneth being signed to Def Jam? LOL. Beyonce, you better watch your man. He's song hopping to much. =)
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Miss Smack-A-Chick Is In Trouble Again!

Let me just start off by saying, make-up does wonders for folks. Damn! Does this look a face that you want to mess with? I guess Naomi has a alter ego like every other celeb. Her alter ego's name is Crack You Ova Da Head. Back to the news! Naomi Campbell is in trouble again. She's pulling a Foxy Brown. She didn't show up for her court date yesterday. You know, give her the benefit of the doubt judge. She probably had better things to do. Lol. The judge threatened to have her arrested because she failed to face charges of assaulting her housekeeper. The Top Model pleaded not guilty and said that the housekeeper is trying to get back at her for getting fired. Miss Smack-A-Chick can face up to 7 years if convicted. I think she will be convicted, so she better start getting some advice from Lil Kim.
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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My Condolences To The Whole Run Family!!!!!

Earlier, I read about the tragic death Reverend Run's new born daughter and I didn't believe, but unfortunately the bad news is true. Rev Run released this comment on

"On Sept. 26, 2006, Victoria Anne Simmons for some unknown reason chose to come early and unfortunately did not survive," his statement said. "We must accept whatever is there and once you accept unconditionally, then everything is beautiful. Every pain has a purifying effect. So whatever comes your way, just be thankful. We see life in death and believe in the celebration of life in death."

His words are very powerful. My deepest condolences go out to the whole family. I know that Justine is devasted but everything will be okay. Keep your head up. Rest In Peace little Victoria.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


New Sanyo Xacti DMX CG6 digital video cam. Sexy, sleek and flavorful. It comes in blue, pink and silver. This is definitely Cool 2 Us!!!!
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Bob Johnson Opens Up Urban Trust Bank

Yesterday, Robert "Bob" Johnson, the founder of BET, cut the ribbons off to the first Urban Trust Bank. Bob created this bank to cater to those people that are less likely to get full service at other prestigous banks because of their previous financial difficulties. The Urban Trust Bank will not turn their cheek to people with bad credit scores who wants to take out a loan. They will also help low income families and students to gain some financial status. I think that this is a great thing for Bob to do. Even though he has retired from the BET scene, he is making a difference in other areas. It's a good thing when you can take your fortune and wealth to help out those less fortunate. Not only will Bob's bank cater to those less fortunate but it will also open up plenty of employment opportunities for a lot of people. The Urban Trust Bank can be found in Orlando Florida. If you live in the neighborhood, open up an account!

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Boondocks' Not Returning To Print? What the...!

When a man needs a break, he needs a break but what us! I personally am a fan of the Boondocks comic strip in the New York Daily Newspaper, but it is said that there is no clue when the strip is coming back or if it will return. The creator, Aaron McGruder just isn't ready to make the decision of coming back or not. Is he doing a Dave Chapelle? Is was stated that he is very busy with the Cartoon Network animated version of the Boondocks. Well, as long as I can enjoy the Boondocks one way or another, I will be ok I guess. I will keep you posted.
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Monday, September 25, 2006


Just wanted to keep your eyes entertained, so I posted up these pics from this past weekend. It was like everyone's birthday.

Wait a DAMN minute!!!! Ron Devoe is married to Shamari, the chick from the group Blaque... How old is he and how old is she? Do they have kids together? Oh my days!

The Da Brat, Lisa Raye and Lisa's husband Michael Misick. They were at a film festival in Atlanta and were also celebrating Lisa's B-Day.

The next pic is just perfect. T.I. standing far behind his baby mama, Tiny, from the old school group Xscape. This picture of her is the only thing that can lead me to believe the rumors about T.I. and Hoopz from "Flava of Love" messing around. If Tiny was my wifey, looking like that at my birthday party, I would cheat too. Tip has too much money for her to look like that. Blonde hair and bright red lipstick. C'mon. It's not the 90's anymore. If Coko from SWV can cut her long nasty nails, then you can step out of the time warp too.

Awwww for Christina and Dre. It was Mrs. Milian's birthday also. She celebrated it with her producer boo, Dre. She's been spotted a lot lately looking fabulous. It doesn't look like her getting the boot from Def Jam is effecting her. Keep on living girl.

Last but not least, is the titi flashing Janet. She graces the cover of KING magazine. It wasn't her birthday but she's close to wearing her birthday suit. And it was JD's birthday this weekend.

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New Young Dro Video!!!!!!

Young Dro - Rubberband Banks

He doesn't do a suit justice like T.I. does. And the Bill Cosby get up is just a Hell No! What you think?

Is Nas The Winner Now?

Is Nas the winner now? How many times will Nas' album, "Hip Hop Is Dead" going to get pushed back? First, it was to be released in September, then November 7. All of a sudden, his boss, Sean Carter, said that he was dropping his own album, "Kingdom Come" on November 21. Once again, Nas' album has been pushed back to DECEMBER 19. What is going on? I think the reality of it all was that a lot of budgeting people were going to save their chips to by Jay's album the folllowing week that Nas' dropped. But having "Hip Hop Is Dead" drop after Jay will guarantee him more sales. Come On, I think that Jay will go platinum the first week. I wonder if Nas was behind this decision? Have the tables turned since "Ether"?

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New Lacoste Perfume For The Ladies!!!!!

Mmmmm. This alligator smells good. Lacoste is looking out for the ladies with their new perfume, "Inspiration." It smells like sweet flowers in the spring time. Now you can sport the clothes and have the odor to match. Let this perfume be your "Inspiration" of the day.
Find Out About Free Samples Here!!!!

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New Hip Hop Weekly Magazine!!!!!!!!!

Exiled Editor in Cheif's, Benzino, David Mays and Mimi Valdes have all put their heads together for their love of Hip Hop and came up with the "Hip Hop Weekly." It is just what it sounds like. It will be a 72-page Hip Hop magazine which will produced every week. I think that it's a good idea. No more waiting a whole month to find out what is going on with your favorite and hated artists. There will columns written by style expert, Beverly Smith and Star, who got booted from 105.1. (He always find work. LOL) The Music Editor will be Rondell Conway, who was the Associate Music Editor of Vibe Magazine. =) The first issue of the weekly will be circulated on October 16. Even if you don't like any of these people, you should support and get yours for the love of the culture. The first issue will definitely be a collectible. Congrats to all on staff of this great movement.
Interview From AllHipHop

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

New Akon Video feat Eminem!!!!!!!

New Akon Video! It's bubblegum compared to his other songs, but it's still catchy. Eminem is trying to make his come back on this joint? Don't really know about that decision. Smack That! Frat boys new step music. LOL

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Three 6 Mafia Makes Reality TV!

Yeeeaaahhhh! Three 6 Mafia also now known as "Two 6 Mafia," has landed a reality show deal with MTV. "Adventures of Hollywood" will feature Juicy J and DJ Paul and their travels between Memphis and Los Angeles. Crunchy Black will not be a part of the televised venture, but I'm sure Juicy J has no problem with that. I personally don't think that this reality show will be on my "Must See" list. Why do I need to see two artists travel from one city to the next? Yes, they won an Oscar but is it that serious to give them a show. Flava of Love was enough. But if you're bored, the show will premiere in 2007.
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So you want to get down in the kitchen with your cooking and your music. iHome Under Cabinet IPod Stereo created this gadget so that you can do both at the same time much more conveniently than your average room to room run around. Now, your stereo will be at your seasoned finger tips
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Who Ever Said Anorexia Was Sexy?

I don't know who started the Anorexic trend but it needs to stop. Giorgio Armani addressed this issue yesterday in London at a fashion extravaganza he hosted. He clearly blames the media and stylists for catering to extra thin women. Armani, who I happen to love, says, "I have never wanted to use girls that were too skinny. I prefer girls that show off my clothes in the best way." I think that his clothing ads are always presentable. I'm glad that a fashion mogul of his status is addressing this issue. Every minute you see theses celebrities looking like dental floss and everyone kills to have them in their advertisements. Hopefully Armani will start the trend, Healthy Models."

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Enjoy Yourself

Who is this young man? Last I heard (according to is that he was making a come back as of January 2006. I remember going to teen party on Jamaica Avenue and seeing him perform. All the little hot panty girls were going crazy for him, but I bet now, that he walks around without anyone caring. =( This young man is A+. He was definitely a one hit wonder. If you have any clue about where he is, let us know by dropping a comment.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Everyone Has A Twin!

Yes, I already know what you're thinking. "Why is that girl hugging Ludacris?" Well, actually I am not hugging Ludacris, but I (yes, I am the writer of JahChink) am hugging LaJon. I had to show the world that everyone has a twin and LaJon is definitely Luda's twin. LaJon is one of Nina Sky's talented back-up dancers. I went to the Tmobile Samsung party yesterday in New York City and had to snap a flick with him. He was cool about it. I didn't even have to tell him who he looked like. So Luda, if you're ever thinking of doing a movie about your life, here is your star. Thanks LaJon for letting me post this.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Canon's Super Diamond IXUS

All I'm saying is 380 diamonds!!!! And yes, it does take pictures.
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Oprah's Back On! But What The Hell!

Yesterday, was the kick start for the new season of Oprah. Yeah, that's right. Oprah's On!!! She kicked off the show with her big BFF, Gayle, and a road trip across many lands. The only that struck me about this whole road trip being so unrealistic is that Oprah no damn navigation system. These two lost ladies were in the middle of Las Vegas making more U-turns than a dog chasing his own tail. And to add fire to the flame, her camera crew that was following her to film the whole thing didn't have one either. What the hell? A woman of Oprah financial achievement level should have a pimped out ride to make all your road trips dreams as comfy as possible. It just shocked me that she didn't have one. They had some big ol' doofy paper map. Who uses that? Maybe this year, during Oprah's Christmas special, she will get herself a navigation system.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

LaLa Is Prego! And Im Not Talking About The Sauce!

It's official!!!! After being engaged for two years, LaLa and Carmelo Anthony isn't married yet, but they are expecting a little one. She's expected to have the baby in March. The cute couple also plans on officially getting married after the baby is born. Carmelo is 22 years old and LaLa
is 27.
I'm happy for them both. They are so cute together. Two sucessful people making it happen in love. I wish them and their new addition all the luck in the world.
Click Here To Read The Whole Story

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Get Yours Yesterday!!!! Which Means Now!!!!!

Street Legends Ink presents to you the BlokHedz comic book series collectible figures. They are more than your average toy. Just check their gear. They were already featured in Lupe Fiasco's new video, "I Gotcha," and who knows what's next for these collectibles. Go get yours now. The Japan Vulture limited edition is already sold out. Don't wait for the others to be out of your reach.

VH1 Hip Hop Honors

It's that time again. Time to pay homage to Hip Hop's legend's at the Third Annual VH1 Hip Hop Honors. This year, moguls such as Russel Simmons, Wu-Tang, Ice Cube, Afrika Bambaata, MC Lyte, Beastie Boys, Rahkim and Eazy E will all be honored. It is said that Lil Kim will be performing one of MC Lyte's songs and I think that will something to see. It was nice to see Ciara and Nelly imitate an old LL Cool J song together. With the musical direction one the one and only ?uestlove, other performance will be by the Diddy, Q-Tip, Remy Ma, Fat Joe, George Clinton, Common, Talib Kweli, Young Jeezy, Lil Jon and Da Brat. Now out of the performances, I'm really looking forward to seeing Da Brat. I want to see if she's a lady or a thug now. How do you just keep switching your swagger like that? Last I heard she was in a odd couple with some old white dude, David Gest. The pics of them together looked like the were cut and pasted together to look like they were a couple. Overall, I'm glad that VH1 has taken the time out to honor these legends becuase they have helped to shape what music is today. Congrats to all the honorees. Make sure you watch it on October 17th.

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Friday, September 15, 2006



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Jay Z Is Refusing His Social Security!!!!

I knew it from a long time ago that Jay Z couldn't retire. I think he just wanted to see what the game would be like without him. I must admit that the game was a little dry without him. I wonder when his album, "Kingdom Come," drops, how well it will do. I'm saying gold the first week. I'm leaning closer to platinum. Overall, I'm glad to see Hov is back. Where does this leave other Def Jam artists?

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I'm upset because I'm watching the video waiting for Khia to come out and do some "My Neck, My Back," type ish, but the chick just stayed in the tv the whole time. What was the point of having her feature if she only says a one line chorus. She doesn't even spit a whole verse. If that's the case then JD should be featured too. Not very happy about that. I like the clothes on and off effect. Ever since she showed her tit on TIVO, she doesn't seem to have a problem with taking her clothes off. Every pic I've seen of her lately, she's topless and holding her breasts. Get new ideas photographers. Well, here you have it. The new Janet video. Oh, by the way, her dancing is still on point. Sorry Ciara.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006


I have a new weekly column on this hot website, This is one of the hottest website out right now. They cater to the lifestyle of New Yorkers and is also expanding to other caliente cities like Miami, ATL, etc. I write the Cool 2 Us section, where I bring you the latest on fashion, gadgets, getaways and so forth. Check it out and save the site to your website favorites because it is definitely a place you would want to visit everyday. Big shout out to Mr. D. You know who you are. Thank you.

If you have any thing exclusive that you design, seen or heard, don't be affraid to email me at
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It Looks Like Divorce Court For These Two

After 14 years of craziness, madness and along the way, marriage, these two are calling it quits. Well, at least Whitney is. Whitney Houston is divorcing the man that took crap out of her booty when she was drastically constipated. YUCK! You can call that real love but it just wasn't enough for Whitney to close her eyes to Bobby Brown's alleged affair with Karrine Steffans a.k.a Super Head. It is rumored that she is living with Bobby and that they have an undeclared relationship. I think that Karrine doesn't realize who she is messing with. Whitney is crazy. Lol. At least she looks that way. I wonder if Bobby even cares that Whitney is leaving him. Since he's getting "superhead" now, he probably doesn't even know what's going on. Lmao. I think that this will be good for Whitney. Maybe we can get the old Whitney back. I just hope that her divorce doesn't put her deeper in her abyss of denial. You all know what I'm talking about...
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Beyonce Is Upgrading The Charts

"To the left! To the left! All you other artists need to move to the left!" That's my "To The Left" remix. LOL. Beyonce murdered the charts yesterday when the official BillBoard numbers came in. She sold an outstanding 541,000 copies the first week. That's more than a half million copies. It doesn't matter who wants to talk booboo about Beyonce because her numbers show that the haters are only a small fraction of life. I personally didn't buy her album because I didn't feel the dieing need to, but I did hear it. I actually listened to "To The Left" all weekend (literally). I can honestly say that out of her 10 tracks, there are about 4 or 5 that I really like. I know you can tell which one's by just reading this.

Beyonce had one of the best selling debut albums of the year. When she does something, she aims to set goals in which she prevails. Her "B Day" album sold more copies the first week than "Dangerously in Love" (317,000 copies first week). We have to take our hats off to this lady because she is doing big things. Happy belated Birthday Beyonce. Enjoy your youth and have fun with it.
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This Sh*t Is Bananas!!!!!

B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!!! No, these are not your average Joe Barbies dolls. These are Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B (Love Angel Music Baby) Fashion Dolls. Gwen, who just had a cutie little boy, is trying to get in touch with her motherly side. Sort of like Madonna and her children books. Well, these dolls can each be spotted wearing miniature size outfits that Stefani wore during her world tour. She says, "The Harajuku Girls and I wore such wicked costumes we had to share them with the world again." These dolls will not be here forever because they are limited edition. For the price of $24.95, these L.A.M.B Fashion Dolls can be yours. They will be available in Target and other retail stores. I'm guessing that they will hit stores closer to Christmas time because always the sceme of things around this time of year.
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Where R U Wednesday's!!!!!!

Every wednesday, I'm going to post somebody or something that we haven't seen in years. Those famous one hit wonders and fashion fads, etc. So keep tuning in.

Now back to business. Where are these ladies? Do you know who they are? In 1993, they had the summer folks bugging every DJ with their "Hey Mr. DJ" single. These two back of the milk carton ladies make up the group, Zhane. Oh, now you remember. Check out your girl's finger waves. LOL. Oh my!!! Look at the size of that cameo's camcorder. Thank you for advanced technology. Can somebody tell me where Zhane is. Let me know!!!!

Muah for your forehead...
New Cassie Video!!!!!

She's just a pretty face. I don't think that she's even remotely close to being a musical superstar. Her rapping skills... No comment. LOL. But here you have it.

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R.I.P Tupac. You Are Missed!!!!!

Today marks 10 years since Tupac Shakur was taken from us. He was definitely an angel on earth. His messages are still with us and will be forever. He made a difference politically and musically. We miss you. Rest in Peace Tupac.

Definitely Muah for your forehead...

Leave a comment to show your love for Tupac.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sister's From Another Mother.

Food for thought. Do you know who these two people are? Yes, they are two different people. It's Letoya Luckett and Cherie Johnson. Cherie Johnson is that chick from the show, Family Matters. Laura's BFF. I think that they both look alike. I was watching a show over the weekend with Cherie and I thought it was Letoya. I just thought that I would let ya'll see the resemblance. Do you see it?

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Russell Simmons BlackBerry Held Hostage!

When you thought that desperate pleas for money couldn't get any worse, it does. A unidentified woman is claiming to have found rap mogul, Russell Simmons, BlackBerry phone. She told Heather Gilmore of the New York Post that she wants a reward in return for his phone and if she doesn't get one, she will release his personal text messages. How desperate are you lady? Seriously. It's not like she doesn't have money because she found it in during Fashion Week. I feel sorry for Russell because I could only imagine what kind of text messages he has going in and out of his phone. Especially with his new girlfriend and all. But who wants to read Russell talking dirty to his new mistress? Not me. But if I found his phone, I would take all the contacts that I could and then give it back. LOL. I mean, how much money does this loser chick plan on getting and I also wonder how much Russell would be willing to pay. Overall, this is desperation and just damn desperate.
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IPod Big Screen!!!!!

Yeah, that's right. An IPod big screen! This tiny device allows Ipod video users to view their video in a big screen effect. A 44" big screen to be exact. This little device is going to be the next big thing. What you see before you is called the Icuiti's iWear. This is the greatest Ipod accessory known to man. Here is how it works. You plug the iWear into the bottom of your IPod, as if to charge it and there you have it. A 44" big screen view just like that. Other great things about this device is that it doesn't burn up your battery anymore than your regular use. Another plus is that iWear allows you to watch all of your movies, videos, Podcasts, etc. in 3D. The best is yet to come. It only cost $299. What big screen do you know to cost $299. Christmas time is coming around again and this would be the perfect addition to add if you purchase a video IPod. It's perfect for the kids when driving, for the daily Jet setter, and all out movie watchers. It's great for anyone. So go out and get you one. It's available on October 1st, but you can pre-order it right now... Get on it!
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Monday, September 11, 2006

BillBoard R&B/Hip Hop Conference

Hey my JahChink fans and readers!!!!! I definitely missed you all while I was up in the "A" a.k.a Atlanta, Ga. I had so much fun and met so many fabolous people. It was an event to go to if you were trying to make it in this business. You had big money people up there that you will probably never see again. You had the opportunity to really have more than a 5 second conversation with them. It was a great experience. The only thing was that the tickets were $600. Thank you to a special lady at The Rosen Group, that I didn't have to pay, but overall it would have been worth the money. Some of the pics above are Monica, Producer Rodney Jerkins, Ludacris and Beyonce's father Matthew Knowles. They all spoke and gave great insight for those who want to make it in the industry. I took (yes, I literally took all these pics) more pics of other artists that you can look at. I apologize that you have to go through all the pics, but they are all good pics... You have time anyway. So enjoy. Big shout out to Lila. Thank you girl.
Click Here To See More Pics

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A Moment Of Silence!!!!!

Being a New York native, I couldn't find myself posting anything without paying respect to all the people that suffered a great impact on this day. September 11th. It's been 5 years since these buildings fell down and changed the way of the world. I want everyone to takes some time out to today to pray for those who lost their lives, for the children that are growing up parentless, for those people who lost their soulmate and for those that were effected. Take out that time today. Thank you.

R.I.P for the lives lost. Muah for your forehead...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Meet JahChink In Atlanta, Georgia!!!!!

I for the rest of the week I will be in ATL covering the Billboard R&B and Hip Hop Conference and awards. It will be a three day star studded event. I will have exclusive pics and stories that all my fans will enjoy. So stay tuned. If you're in ATL, you will definitely see me. Don't be shy....

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Don't Work Too Hard! Happy Labor Day!!!!!

Hope this isn't the perdicament that you're in right now... LOL. But I do hope that you're at a BBQ. I do hope that you're at New York's Eastern Parkway repping your flag. I do hope that you're spending time with your children. I do hope that you slept late with your boo. I do hope that you endulged in those extra minutes of sleep that you beg for everytime before you go to work. I hope that you will take this day off to do something that you wouldn't normally do on a Monday because you're usually going off at work. Enjoy this free day because you all deserve it. Have a good day because tomorrow will be different.

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Kevin Federline: Lose Control Video!!!!

I told you that it would get worse. LOL. What's worse, this video or his Teen Choice Award performance?

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Mos Def Arrested After The VMA's!!!! I Knew It!

I knew it was to good to be true. No award shows can go by without someone getting into a fight or getting arrested. Mos Def got arrested yesterday night after the star studded VMA's, but I think the reason was unjust. He was simply trying to prolonge the party. He was doing an a unauthorized performance. Big deal. Po-Po always have to ruin everything. So, they shut him down and arrested him for disorderly conduct. He was just trying to entertain the crowd. What's so wrong with that? But the fact still remains that there is always a headline cover story about what went wrong at the award shows. It never fails. I happen to like Mos def and if i was there I would've been boo-ing the Po-Po's. Boooooooooooo!!!!!!
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Next Farnsworth Bentley?????

If you watched the VMA's last night, then you seen this guy looking like he was being Diddy's new umbrella man. There was a part of the show when Diddy was being interviewed but he never said a word because Jackie Long (pictured above) spoke for him. I mean literally never spoke a word. Diddy just shrugged his shoulders and Long spoke for him. The Puff was trying to pin on the logo of his new album "Press Play" on the journalist and Farnsworth Long just kept on talking. For those of you unfamiliar, JL is the golf playing pro, Esquire, in the movie "ATL." I've been seeing him lately hanging around Diddy. He's also in the video I put on the site a couple of days ago with Justin (Diddy's son) doing the Chicken Noodle Soup dance. He's even in that video co-signing his son. I don't know what's going on or what Long's plans are but he's up to something. Now he's on the scene with Diddy. Maybe he's coming out with an album or something. I will find out the scoop and get back to you. In the mean time look out for Farnsworth Long. I actually like Jackie Bentley better. LOL

Muah for your forehead...